As the world’s leading premium spirits company, Pernod Ricard recognizes its responsibility to reduce alcohol-related harm.

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Being “Créateurs de convivialité”, we believe that there can be no convivialité with excess. We strive to be sustainable and responsible at every step, from grain to glass.

As real change can only be achieved in unison with others, we work together with industry members, civil society, governments, and local authorities, as well as global institutions and consumers at large, to prevent and reduce the harmful use of alcohol.

The “Drink More Water” campaign forms part of this long-standing commitment, looking to address one area of harmful drinking – binge drinking – and promote responsible drinking with those who chose to drink.

Drink More Water” was launched in 2021 in Europe, Africa and Latin America and has since successfully reached more than 110 million people in 3 continents. Pernod Ricard is now expanding the campaign in Asia. In 2023, the “Drink More Water” campaign will be launched in 14 markets in the Asian region. The goal is to reach more than 87 million people across Asia.

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Yes – Pernod Ricard Philippines is working in partnership with educational consultant, Edukasyon to implement this campaign.

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